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Listing Homes To Sell Fast

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Why People Choose RDC Affiliates

Listing a home to sell fast is only part of what realtors take on in their daily schedules. While important, it is irrelevant if the home can’t sell, you need a solid process. That said, RDC Affiliates of Allison James and Estates creates an amazing home buying experience and realize our customers are just as important as the work we put into the actual property during the pre-listing process.

Most realtors say opportunities aren’t fully realized until the property is listed, marketed and sold. We start pre-listing and get ahead to expedite the sale. Selling a property takes a lot of planning and hard work. If you need help selling your property, we are here to help!

1. Advertising and branding synergy: A great home buying experience begins with setting the right tone, the right expectations, and making buyers feel great about their choice from the moment they see the front of the house. Your home and our branding should give buyers confidence, make them feel good about exploring more, and make them feel that working with us is a great fit for them.

Website and Social

2. Streamlining the home search process: It starts with our presence, from staging to finding specific buyers. One of the biggest blunders that real estate pros make is showing buyers properties that aren’t a good fit. Time is their most precious asset. Nobody wants to spend time looking at homes that specifically don’t meet their criteria. It wastes your time, has your home sitting and isn’t effective for our goal to sell quickly. Our streamlining process of finding the right target audience starts with our custom website pages, targeted ads, and customer service. It’s not hard to ask what buyers want. You shouldn’t be waiting for the sign in the front yard to drive awareness and traffic. We take the time to work with prospects, other realtors and help walk them through purchasing your home.

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