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Listing Homes With Us

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The Fast Way To Sell Your Home!

The decision to sell your home is extremely important and we don’t take it lightly. Listing homes we take seriously and offer a huge marketing platform. From the moment you put your trust in us, we do all we can to sell your home at the best price, fast and efficient. We will provide you with a Digital Market Analysis, showing you recent sales of homes with similar specifications and features, along with a recommended list price.

We also know that advertising plays an important role in generating interest from real-time buyers. As well as committing more advertising dollars towards selling your property than any other real estate firm in the area. Between Digital, Social and retargeting metrics, your home has a greater chance of being seen by us more than any other real estate agency.

In addition, we can provide insights that come from years of experience in selling homes in your neighborhood. From suggestions on property improvements that will make your home more saleable to the creation of attractive Open House in person and online. We do all we can to present your home in its best light.

  • Staging – We set you up for success. Using our years of knowledge and experience we set your home up spotlighting all the incredible areas.
  • Internet– A majority of buyers start their home search on the internet today. Our site features a huge variety of homes for sale in Pennsylvania. Homebuyers can conduct a customized search for a dream home at their convenience. Our property search software assures them they’ll see homes that meet their qualifications.
  • ML– Your home is entered into the MLS- a computerized service for Realtors that provides information on your home. It also provides information about thousands of listings to all area real estate agents and their buyers.


  • Social Marketing- We get a jumpstart on finding “in-market” buyers, using layers upon layers of data. Compiling all the data “real-time” for you to see. While continuing to promote until your house is SOLD!

RDC Affiliates Real Estate Of Allison James Estates Homes

Setting you up for success


When listing homes with RDC Affiliates powered by Allison James Estates, setting the listing price of your home is an important step in the sales process. We will help you determine the optimal price for your home, considering variables in pricing and market value such as general market conditions, buyer activity, market analysis, and time of year. Incorrect pricing could deprive you of the money and equity your home has earned as an investment. Overpricing can result in your home staying on the market longer than it should and selling at a lower sale price than if it had been properly priced from the beginning. It’s essential to price your home appropriately, we work for you!


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