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Realtors Near Me

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One of the most popular internet search words are realtors near me. But is finding a realtor near you a benefit or non-affective?


The first thing you have to keep in mind is most real estate agencies will use this as an Adword. Meaning they may not actually be near you or your home, they may have simply bought ad space and be out of your area. Searching for realtors near me could cost you time and money if they aren’t familiar with your area and home.


What questions to ask a realtor?

  • How long have you been in real estate? This could be good or bad, depending on what you’re looking for. You’re looking for a seasoned agent and while most don’t need decades of experience under their belt, less than a year or two of experience can be concerning. Too long could result in being out of touch with marketing your home the proper way.
  • Have you Sold Homes in this area? If they’ve sold homes in the area, most likely with some research or some cooperation they could give you references. Therefore, allowing you to get an unbiased opinion of the process and how they handled themselves through the process. Not saying this could make or break your decision it allows any seller to get a bird’s eye view on important scenarios.
  • What is your marketing plan? This is a big factor in selling your home. Some of the more effective real estate agents utilize digital marketing with social media. Defining who the target audience is to sell your home faster with hopefully multiple offers. A nice fast, clean website is also a factor in potential buyers finding your listing and seeing clear, clean photos and even videos.
  • Do you have a team of agents? You will most likely get more one on one attention if they are a team. Multiple agents can work together to market your house to many people, as well as using relationships with other agents to find buyers. The more of a team joint effort allows agents the time to have multiple homes for sale and utilize the time to be more efficient.

Most Important:

Don’t rush, don’t settle for a relative referral or someone who promises the world. You can easily research a lot of this on your own. Searching for reviews, reputation and how they handle themselves on social platforms is easy to research. Do you want this person working for you? Do you see other listings with people engaging on them?

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